Ryujinx is a free and open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch video game console. It allows users to play Nintendo Switch games on their personal computers. Ryujinx uses the same technology as other emulators, such as Yuzu and Citra, to simulate the hardware of the Nintendo Switch and run its games. Ryujinx is currently in development, and its developers are regularly releasing updates to improve its compatibility and performance.

The Nintendo Switch emulator Ryujinx was written from scratch, the development process began in September 2017. As of January 2022, the list of compatible games has crossed the 3200 title mark. Of these, 2500 work at the native level without any problems.

For normal operation of the emulator, you need at least 8GB of Ram, Nvidia GTX 1050, but it all depends on the specific game, resource consumption may vary.

The emulator also has the ability to play over the network, a complete setup guide can be found on the gitHub page. You can download Nintendo Switch emulator from developers website