The new update for Minecraft, called “The Trails & Tales,” has been released! The name of the update in other word as “Stories and Histories,” which in many ways reflects what has been added to the game

In this update, new mobs have been introduced to the world of Minecraft. The first is the Camel, which provides an incredible ride for two players simultaneously. The second is the sniffosaur, a real sniffer dinosaur from the ancient history of the game world, which, with your help, will flourish in the game.

The world itself has also changed, with the addition of the most beautiful biome called the “Cherry Grove.” This biome comes with a complete set of blocks made from cherry wood.

Moreover, bamboo blocks have been added, along with a unique bamboo lattice that can hold a chest or be used to plant a mob.

Now, you can attach signs to the top or bottom of blocks, which might come in handy to indicate the path to excavations where ancient artifacts are buried in suspicious sand.

The new version of the game is already available in the Minecraft Java Edition launcher, as well as on all devices where Minecraft Bedrock is accessible.