While the party atmosphere continues with Fortnite’s Summer Escape, start another celebration with Slap Splash! This Slap Juice item, which can be shared, restores effective health for you or your team and provides a short-term, unlimited energy regeneration. Want to start the party right away? Activate the new Splash Party Reality Augment to get instant slaps, and the new Roaming Redeploy Reality Augment to slide away when the party’s over!

Slap Splash: Energy for Everyone

Slap splashes can be obtained from various sources: from the ground, chests, coolers, supply drops, claiming objects, and shooting down flying drones. Once you have one in hand, throw it to splash Slap Juice on yourself and your teammates! Slap Juice will restore effective health for you and your teammates, as well as grant you all a short-term unlimited energy regeneration in case you need to sprint away from threatening foes in the Wildlands

Fortnite Exotic Slap Splash Emutori

Exotic Slap

Want Slap Splash with an even stronger punch? Exotic slap splashes can be found in exotic supply drops and llamas with loot – they provide more effective health and longer temporary energy regeneration than regular slap splashes.

Start the party, then glide away – new reality additions

In the v25.11 Patch Notes from July 11th, two new reality augmentations make their debut:

Splash Party

Fortnite Splash Party Emutori

Instantly get slaps!

Roaming Redeploy

Fortnite Roaming Redeploy Emutori

Receive Glider Redeploy whenever you get immunity from fall damage, such as when disconnecting from ziplines, rails, or ziplines, or when bouncing off hop rocks.