Mupen64Plus (M64P) is an open source cross-platform emulator that builds as a modular plug-ins system for the Nintendo 64 (n64) game console and is capable of playing many N64 games with high accuracy.

Mupen64Plus is based on the mupen64 kernel (the original version created by Hacktarux) and is a continuation of development with include improvements. It has a clean, user-friendly interface that invites you to simply load the ROM onto your computer and play games on the emulator N64, just like you would on a Nintendo 64 without unnecessary configuration and hassle.

If you have ever owned a Nintendo 64 game console, then you know that this console contains many great games that have stamped into the hearts of gamers around the world. This console is a historical legacy of the gaming industry and a big step in the development of 3D games.

If you are worried about the gaming experience using Mupen64Plus to play, then you should know that this emulator offers a wide range of tools to help you enjoy the game to the fullest, and the gaming experience will be as smooth as on a Nintendo 64 game console.

The Mupen64Plus kit contains four different MIPS R4300 CPU emulators, which are able to dynamically compile for different x86, x64 architectures, as well as the necessary plugins for the graphics core, coprocessor, audio and input devices. The video module contains four different plugins: OpenGl – RiceVideo, Arachnoid, GLide64 and Z64.

The main features of the Mupen64Plus emulator for Nintendo 64 include: 

  • Dynamic compiler for Intel and Arm CPUs 
  • Cheat system with gameshark code 
  • support OpenGL video plugins with support for high resolution textures
  • Adjusting the speed and smoothness of the audio output 
  • Library for integrating the interface into other systems (front-ends) 
  • Command line support for front-end app. 
  • Rumble Pak support LIRC Infrared Remote Access Support

Image examples show UI of emulator and some games which are called:

  • Yoshi’s Story 64
  • Harvest Moon 64
  • Banjo-Kazooie 64

Mupen 64 Plus N64 emulator is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD. You can download the current version of Mupen64Plus for Windows only on the official Github developer page using the link that you will find at the top in the description.

If you suddenly have difficulties with configuring and installing the program, you can refer to the documentation page, where you will find detailed instructions describing the functions and tools of the program


Be careful when downloading the program from sources diferent to official source, as the files may contain malicious code that can compromise your personal information.