BlastEm is an emulator with a high rate of emulation accuracy for Sega Genesis and MegaDrive game consoles that works on modern computers running Linux, Windows, macOS operating systems. At one time, it was the first emulator that was able to launch and play Titan’s impressive Overdrive 2 demo without errors.

Despite the high emulation accuracy, this emulator works without speed loss even on modest computers with a processor clock speed of 1.6 Hz.
In future releases, the author plans to port the emulator to ARM architecture and run it on the original Raspberry Pi computer. It could also mean that we can get a mobile version of the emulator that will work on tablets and smartphones without any problems.

To run the emulator, you need a computer with Linux, Windows or macOS operating system. The emulator is compatible with any Unix-like system that supports SDL2 (Simple DirectMedia Layer).

The main features of this emulator are:

  • Fast game saves.
  • Integrated debugger.
  • GNU Project Debugger.
  • Speed ​​up and slow down the game.
  • Joystick / gamepad support.

You can also try the experimental version for Android based on the Nexus Player, but for this you need to compile the program yourself, the author does not provide binaries, since at the moment this process requires many third-party libraries and the author is not sure what on the end device there is everything for a successful launch.