The first teaser of “The Invincible” has been released – a sci-fi thriller based on the novel by Stanislaw Lem. In the video, we meet the main character, whose name is Dr. Yasna. She is looking for a certain person, exploring the surface of the planet Regis III. The search leads her to a space base. As expected, the game will have a non-linear narrative that completely depends on the decisions of the player.

The game is developed by Starward Industries, a studio made up of former CD Project RED and Techland artists. The game is expected on PC and consoles in 2022.

The game is based on the novel “Invincible” by Stanislaw Lem, a Polish writer born on the territory of Ukraine, and was published in 1964. The developers are trying to preserve the original mood of the book, but the plot will not follow the book directly, as it should be with such works.

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