Jnes is one of the oldest Nintendo emulators that was released originally in 1999. It has a big story and a bunch of futures. Latest version of Jnes for Windows OS  was released in 2017 and development is no longer countitius.

Instead of continuous development for Windows, the author decided to release the Android version in the same 2017 year. Starting from April 2019 JNES was marked as a stable version and solved a lot of previous issues. The Android version got the latest update on 6 October 2020. Author continues working on for personal enjoyment and makes updates when he wants.

Jnes is a closed-source Famicom (NES) and Famicom Disk System (FDS) emulator for Windows and Android. Also is freeware software, which means it is free and doesn’t have any trouble for you to download it.

Jnes features:

– Screen record game process to video, make screenshots
– Saving game progress as state and load from file (11 slots )
– Keyboard settings
– Inbuilt Roms browser
– Realtime patching of ROMS using the IPS format ( For example you can apple patch localisation to rom)
– Load Roms direct from ZIP file
– Nintendo Sound Format
– Netplay via Kaillera ( Multiplayer peer to peer)

Jnes emulator for windows you can download on official site: www.jabosoft.com
Jnes for Android you can download in google play store: Jnes from Jabo