Fanatec, a company that manufactures devices for car simulators, has officially introduced the first racing wheel with direct drive and a new recoil system, for the upcoming exclusive PS5 car simulator – “Gran Turismo 7”.

The Racing wheel design features DualSense gamepad controls, an LED-display and a game logo on the front panel. The racing wheel was designed in collaboration with Polyphony Digital.

An important point is the compatibility of the accessory not only with PS5 but also with PS4 and PC and compatibility for other games. At the moment, the pre-order for the device is open and its price is $700 – the start of shipment is expected in March 2022. For the most impatient who wants to get a steering wheel under the Christmas tree – there is an offer for extra $150, for this extra pay it will be delivered to you before Christmas.

The Racing Wheel comes in two configurations, the first with an external power pack that increases maximum torque, and second with an extra pedal. The trims are priced at $ 850 and $ 970.