Fortnite video chat feature as part of the social video chat app. Houseparty, which was bought by Epic Games in 2019 will be discontinued. The company says that the app will stop working when functionality for current users is disabled, and the program will be removed from the app store forever starting September 9. As a result, the Epic Games “Fortnite Mode” feature will be disabled.

Epic Games argued this decision by the fact that the development team cannot pay due attention to the application in which it was required – this may indicate that Epic Games wants to focus on more important things.

As a result of these decisions, none of the current Houseparty team will join other teams to work on other social interactions in the Epic Games family of products. The company’s statement hinted that the developments would be part of the “metaverse scale.”

Official message from the Houseparty team link

Image Credits: Epic Games